You’ve come to Album Oriented, a musical memoir. The body of this blog is 99 albums, 99 statements, 99 frozen moments of rock and roll greatness. Each album is given an in-depth treatment and close examination, but herein is more than just reviews and history lessons. Weaving in and out of the album reviews are stories from my life, personal reflections, and expounding on topics the songs bring up. I bring a personal touch to a medium where personal connection is not only encouraged, but unavoidable.

The blog is being written, managed and maintained by me, N. Neal Paradise. If you have comments or questions, address them to me. Words from all spheres are welcome, except the spheres of Hate, Vitriol, and Being a Troll. Such will be deleted. Other than that, I encourage all visitors to interact with the writing by interacting with me. Go ahead and add your spice to the stone soup; it only makes it more delicious.